Do you also spend your days on Instagram following all these inspiring travelers that have quit their jobs in order to travel the World wishing you could do the same? Or read the stories of digital nomads traveling the World and working at the same time? Are you tired of working your butt off to save up for just a few trips a year? If yes, then this blog post is for you 🙂

Let’s be honest, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, you probably have considered starting a travel blog. And if for some reason you are thinking that travel blogging is already a saturated market and it is too late to start your own travel blog now, I am here to prove you wrong.

I want to start a travel blog now. Am I crazy?

You might think that it is already too late. That all you wanted to do is already done. That there are already established bloggers on the market and you have no way to compete with them. And you are probably right. Well, at least partially 😉

Yes, there are already well-known travel bloggers out there, with a big audience and all the fame and glam going their way. Yes, probably majority of “unique” ideas are no longer unique. But it is not too late! If at least a tiny part of your heart is screaming “I want that in my life! It is my purpose, my dream, my future!”, you need to follow it and soon you will realize that it was the best decision you ever made.

It is not too late


If only I had a dollar every time somebody told me that it is too late to start a travel blog. It is really hard to count how many travel blogs are there but I can assure you there are millions of them, plus new ones popping up every day. Should that discourage you? Not at all!
I believe travel blogging has evolved in a way that people started to follow bloggers for their personality, their unique way of thinking and less for the information they provide. Of course, the content matters but if you make your personality shine through your writing you will be noticed!

Your opinion matters

It doesn’t matter that there are hundreds of blog posts about let’s say, New York City. What matters is your way of looking at things. You might look at completely different aspect than the others, like food or solo traveling to name a few ideas. There are travel bloggers of all kind, such as budget travelers, luxury bloggers, foodies, solo travelers, couples writing about their trips, etc. The market is very broad!

It is no longer a competition


Not so long ago I have been attending Experience Bucharest with 100 other travel bloggers – the largest campaign promoting Bucharest tourism in social media that has ever been done. I believe this is a great example of what is happening right now in the industry. More destinations will want to cover different aspects of traveling to the place and will be willing to invite many bloggers that cover different niches.

New opportunities arise

I currently get an email about brand collaboration every second day. No, I don’t mean to brag, on the opposite I want to show you that there are many opportunities I turn down because they are not a good fit for my audience. But they might be a good fit for somebody else. And vice versa. Something that is not a good fit for somebody else, might be a good fit for my followers.

I believe in travel blogging ecosystem we all magically complement each other 😉 Also, a lot of new opportunities are arising for micro-influencers, something that has not been possible back in the days.

Did I convince you that it is not too late o start your own travel blog? If so take my quiz to find out if you have what it takes to be a full-time blogger. Observe this space! More travel blogging resources coming up!

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